Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sea Scallops with Chile-Lime Sauce

1 lb. sea scallops (serves 2)
2 limes
2 tbsp. butter (1 for the sauce and one for the pan)
1 1/2 tbsp. Asian sweet chili sauce
1 tbsp. Sriracha sauce (hot chili-garlic sauce)
1 tbsp. minced green onion
Salt and pepper

1. With the medium side of a cheese grater, grate lime peels to make enough shaving to fill 2 teaspoons.  Cut one lime into wedges and reserve.

2.  Mix 1 tbsp. butter (softened), green onion, sweet chili sauce, and Sriracha sauce and lime peel in small bowl.  Set aside. NOTE: the original recipe does not call for Sriracha sauce, but someone who had used the recipe previously noted that it was too sweet, so we added some.  You can either add more or even take out this sauce based on whether you like your food spicy or sweet.  We were definitely glad we added this, but we're suckers for spicy food.

3.  Sprinkle scallops with salt and pepper.  Melt other tablespoon of butter in pan and heat on medium-high.  Once the pan heats up, add scallops and cook until opaque in the center (the time here will vary depending on the size of your scallops, but we did about 5 minutes each side).

4.  Put a large dollop of sauce on each plate and swirl to cover the plate.  Add more as needed.  Set the scallops on top of the sauce.  Squeeze lime juice from lime wedges over each plate and serve.

A quick note about presentation:  We put the sauce on the bottom of the plate and are glad we did.  Scallops are so good just on their own, and the sauce should just be used for dipping or else it becomes overwhelming.


Adapted from: Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

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